Brand owners can now receive advanced analysis of their brands visibility on partner websites and marketplaces using Magpie’s Brand Prominence modules.

Magpie’s software enables brand managers to analyse their brands market position. This in turn can support research in understanding competitor and consumer behaviour on those websites. 

Brand Prominence; How Does it Work?

Our software visits web pages where brands are displayed in order to gather data to ascertain how prominent, or visible, that brand is compared to other brands displayed. Magpie looks at a range of data points on the pages, including images, text, carousels and links.

Magpie also measures your competitors prominence, calculating their percentage of visibility on each page every day. This data provides you with an average across all pages, as well as page by page specific scores and reports. 

Find out more about Magpie’s Brand Prominence tools. Or alternatively watch our Brand Prominence video to find out all you need to know!