Magpie’s versatile software can help any retailer with their competitor price monitoring, providing many growing businesses with the insight they need to grow.

Beyond Telecoms, Magpie has served some of the biggest names across various industries.


Tech gadgets are some of the most sought after products on the market today. A high street retailer chose Magpie to assist in their pricing strategy, to keep them competitive in a saturated market.

In need of regular pricing updates on their competitors, the retailer required a software tool which provided more than just spreadsheets of data.

Magpie’s price tracking

With Magpie intended to be used by more than just the tech experts in businesses, by identifying the most important data and condensing it in customisable reports, the client received customised reports tailored to their industry.

Along with tailored reports, offering unlimited data exports gave the client tangible data which remained theirs for life. Exporting these as CSV files, enabled the client to manipulate the data with ease or important the data into their system.


As a result of receiving these customised reports, the retailer was able to efficiently analyse data which impacted their business.

With price change alerts dropping straight into their inbox, they had more time to evaluate price changes and plan a new pricing strategy.

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