Every market is different, and every retailer operates in ways that are unique to them. Our broad knowledge of numerous markets, coupled with our ability to ask the right questions.

Stay ahead and track prices, be alerted to changes

We know how challenging it can be for retailers to keep an eye on what their competitors are doing. For retailers to retain their competitiveness, they must react and adjust to other market players accordingly. Doing this effectively, accurately, consistently and in a timely fashion is no small task. It can get boring rather quickly.

How Magpie can help retailers improve their pricing strategy?

Magpie can take away all of this worry and legwork, can steer your pricing team’s focus toward what really matters, and can provide exactly what you need in a more proactive way than a manual alternative. No data into spreadsheets or compromising on how many products you watch for, no limiting the frequency at which you monitor the market. With Magpie you can access daily prices and any changes.

Real-time access, reporting and analysis

With Magpie, you get real-time access to all your competitors prices and other associated value impactors, from a single interactive dashboard. There’s no sitting and waiting for data exports to arrive at a certain time of the day. And there’s certainly no crunching, analysing and dissecting any data once you get it in front of you. We deliver your competitors data, overlaid against your own, when you want it. Differences are immediately visible and presented to you. Opportunities are highlighted so you can take advantage of those, and so are any pending threats or recent market-position losses. Magpie is here to keep you focused on what really matters, and for anything that is not important or relevant right now, it keeps it out of your way.

We understand your market

Every market is different, and every retailer operates in ways that are unique to them. Our broad knowledge of numerous markets, coupled with our ability to ask the right questions while we learn how you operate, allows us to customise the Magpie solution to work perfectly for you. We know each product type comes with its own intricacies and we’re committed to understanding those so our technology can work optimally for you.

Handling like-for-like equivalents

Your competitors may not offer products with identical SKU codes or model numbers to your own. Where required, we can employ our algorithms to compare your products against your competitors’ on a like-for-like basis. Magpie will look at product specifications to determine which products in the market are similar enough (from a consumer’s point of view) to deem it as a match. We implemented this knowing that sometimes your consumers’ decisions are specification driven, and that exact model doesn’t matter all that much. We also know that some retailers obtain products that are identical to what the rest of the market sells, except for the model number printed on the box!

More than just price capture

Magpie keeps a tab on stock levels in the marketplace (so you can take advantage of supply and demand) and other value impactors such as extended warranties, gift card cashback, inclusive delivery, and more. Although price may be a big factor, we know that your potential customers can sometimes be swayed into choosing to shop elsewhere.

Enterprise level scale

Magpie collects over a million price points each day. Our architecture, infrastructure and ability to scale means no number of prices are too many for us. Let us know what you need visibility over and put us to the test!

Proactive reports, and some squawks!

What does a Magpie do when it finds something? It squawks! Every Magpie subscriber gets access to the above mentioned dashboards, proactive reporting, and to our squawk service. Have a look at our Magpie Reports and Squawks page to find out more.

Manufacturers – brand prominence & MAP violations

Our software is also employed by manufacturers and distributors, to keep an eye on and to help them work more proactively with retailers. How much prominence, attention, coverage and screen real-estate is being given to you versus your competitor? Magpie is also used as MAP Violation Software (Minimum Advertised Price Violations), allowing manufacturers, OEMs and patent holders to protect their market position and products.