Like so many businesses since the pandemic, we’ve swapped our office chairs for home desks; coffee machine catch-ups for virtual hellos; and pool competitions for online quizzes.

And yet our culture remains as strong as ever! We still have fun, get the job done, and achieve great results. A few quick and (mostly) easy changes later, here we are – fully on board the work from home hype train.

But how did we get here exactly?

In this article, we’ll fill you in on what Magpie DBX has done to become a fully remote company and thrive.

What does being a remote company mean to us?

First things first, we appreciate that remote working isn’t for everyone! Nor does it suit every type of company. 

Fortunately, with our team based all over the world, we’re willing to go the extra mile and make this working model – well, work!

In the past two years alone, we’ve hired staff from many different countries, all of whom are exceptionally talented. Our developers, project managers, software engineers, and marketers now come from more than 40 countries! This means we can offer a brand experience toolkit that’s truly global.

No matter where you’re based, we can tailor Magpie DBX to your organisation’s needs. Whether you want more information on specific areas, such as stock availability, or simply a clearer picture of overall brand prominence, our team will help get this for you.

6 ways to thrive as a remote company

It’s important that everyone who works for us is happy and healthy; mental health in particular is something we’re very passionate about.

While whizzing across the carpet to your deskmate isn’t an option anymore, we’ve taken steps to keep morale high among the Magpie DBX family, such as:

1) Utilising Slack channels

We use Slack as our main method of communication, with various channels set up so people can keep in touch across the business. Our ‘general’ channel is mostly used for company announcements, new joiner introductions, etc., while geographic channels are great at connecting those based in the States, Europe, and throughout the UK.

We also have plenty of ‘off-topic’ channels where staff can chat about anything and everything; usually, it’s music, games and sport!

2) Cultivating a digital culture

We encourage employees to actively message department Slack channels with fun questions, ideas, or challenges. All they need to do is use the ‘random banter’ hashtag!

At Magpie, we also have a ‘what was the most boring thing you did at the weekend?’ catch-up every week (shoutout to Billy for answering this with ‘skiing on a glacier’ like a legend).

3) Games Games Games

We like our competitions, it’s true. Quizzes. Tournaments. Fantasy football. You name it, we host it. And if we don’t already host it, you can bet we’ll wanna hear about it!

Of course, some good ol’ fashioned competition does prompt some online cheating (allegations are often made but never proven).

But why do we do all this? Well, to keep everyone talking, stay connected, and have fun! Plus, it’s always nice to brag about your victory.

4) Maintain a steady work-life balance – even while at work

Nowadays, work-life balance is more important than ever. We understand that our team works best when they have more time in the day for things that matter to them, and we’re committed to providing that option where possible.

Whether it’s putting on a wash at lunchtime or arranging quality time with family and friends, helping staff maintain a healthy work-life balance not only helps our success, but also bolsters our pledge to remain a fully remote company.

5) Trust your staff!

Remote working doesn’t mean employees need to be micromanaged every second of the day. We’ve found that giving our team enough time and breathing space to get the job done yields great results, sometimes ahead of schedule!

Working remotely is still a new concept, but it’s one built on trust and mutual respect. Let your staff be as autonomous as possible and they may just surprise you.

6) Make goals more achievable

Some individuals in the media would have you believe that people’s productivity has decreased since home working became an option. Well, for us, it’s the exact opposite!

Because we make a point of setting realistic goals for ourselves, there’s no rushing to meet ridiculous expectations; no missed lunches due to tight schedules – just proper planning and solid time management. Cutting the commute out of the equation has worked wonders for us; imagine what it would be like for you.

Why have we committed to being a remote company?

No, the change to remote working wasn’t easy. Yes, it required careful consideration.

But everybody was up for the challenge, and that’s why we’re thriving now!

It’s this can-do attitude that gives us our edge, helping us provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s market and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Want to learn how Magpie DBX can help make your company’s processes more streamlined? Get in touch with us and request a demo today!