Magpie was first built as a price tracking tool for the telecoms industry. Tracking Contract, PAYG & SIM Free prices, whilst measuring other value impactors such as free gifts, interest free credit, and extended warranties.

A fully automated solution for the mobile industry

We understand how time consuming it can be for mobile retailers to keep an eye on the market and their competitors. With such a wide variety of handset and tariff combinations, and prices that are so volatile and fast changing, it’s nearly impossible to do manually. Yet skipping this important task leaves retailers at a significant disadvantage. Let us tell you about Magpie…

Some of the world’s leading retailers, networks and OEMs use Magpie to stay ahead of their competition. Magpie is a fully automated solution that collects over a million prices each and every day.

It takes this data, sorts through it, organises it, compares it against your own, and delivers it in a concise package of reports and insights. No more pasting the data into spreadsheets, using lookups and other formulas, or giving it to a team of analysts to spend days crunching through. Our data is delivered in its final state, ready for action by you and your pricing teams. All of this is done in a fully automated fashion, around the clock, every day of the year!

Full market and competitor visibility

We’ve been collecting prices for the mobile industry for over six years. We’ve got full market visibility, covering every competitor of yours. If there’s anyone we’re not already keeping an eye on but which you’d like us to, we can begin to do so at your request. No price is out of reach for Magpie.

Smarter, faster and more accurate than anything else on the market

Magpie gives its subscribers an edge over the rest. Magpie is smarter and more intelligent, comparing things that may not have previously been feasible. It does it faster, which translates into making you faster! We pride Magpie on its accuracy. Get accurate competitor prices at speeds you have not previously been able to.

Be alerted to price changes in the market

In order for Magpie to be practical and useful, it must divert user attention to where it is needed. Magpie focuses on what has changed and proactively alerts subscribers to those changes. It highlights things that you need to make a timely decision on, shows you any opportunities and gaps in the market, and presents competitor product prices that are becoming a threat to your dominant position. Anything else that hasn’t changed or which you are winning by a mile on, is filtered out of view. That is, until you or Magpie decides you need to look at them.

The mobile market is our #1 speciality

MagpieDBX was first built as a price tracking tool for the Telecoms Industry. Although Magpie is employed across a number of industries, the concept and product was born from a demand from one of the UK’s largest mobile phone retailers. Since day one, the mobile market has been an industry which Magpie has operated in. It has remained our speciality and we’re proud to continue to operate in this market.

Magpie is engineered for the telecoms market. Overlay and compare your price-points against competitors across metrics including Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC), Upfront Cost, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Effective Monthly Cost (EMC). Magpie also compares Pay as You Go prices and Sim Free / Handset only prices across all major and minor retailers.

More than just price capture

As part of our data collection, we recognise the importance of seeing beyond the price tag. That’s why Magpie not only captures, but it also presents other value impactors usually offered by Mobile Phone retailers. That is free gifts, interest free credit, free delivery, extended warranties, and more.

Action ready insights and reports

Our insights and reports come pro-actively via email, but are also accessible via an online reporting dashboard, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We provide reports that are ready to use. They come in a format that allows you to gain instant visibility and understanding, without having to manipulate the data yourself. We are also more than happy to work with our customers, to provide them with custom interfaces and reports that fit their exact needs and requirements.

Enterprise level scale

A million prices each and every day. That’s a billion prices approximately every three years! We’re obsessed with taking huge data sets and putting them to practical use. Magpie’s architecture, engineering and infrastructure has been designed and thought about with great care. This keeps it working for you, each and every day. Magpie is an enterprise grade solution, and can adapt to any demand. No number of prices are too many for it!

Proactive reports and squawks

Every Magpie squawks, including this one! Out of the box, Magpie sends two squawks (in the form of email updates) to all subscribers, summarising noteworthy and important information in a concise manner. This can be customised and adapted to individual needs.

Data exports, API access, media monitoring and more

We’re keen to make sure that Magpie is flexible, and can adapt to support your business processes. That is why we allow unlimited data exports, have created APIs that your systems can access, and more. We also provide other services such as media monitoring (where are your competitors advertising and what), social media monitoring, and our SiteShots feature which lets you see your competitor’s website on any given date and time.

Magpie is for networks and OEMs too

MagpieDBX has been deployed by some of the world’s largest device manufacturers, as well as networks. They find Magpie is useful in proactively monitoring brand prominence (how much coverage does X retailer give me), as well as keeping a broader eye on what the market is doing with their handsets and their tariffs. Our stock monitoring tool is useful to help manufacturers work more efficiently in keeping the desired level of stock flowing through the supply chain. There are many ways in which Magpie can work for networks and OEMs.