Magpie makes reporting easy. Along with our core reporting tools, we further provide fully customised reports that are specific to your needs.


Magpie’s hundreds of millions of price points would be of no practical use to anyone if it didn’t have a range of incredible, ready-to-use reporting features and functionality. As part of our investment in the Magpie platform and solution, we have spend a significant amount of time in building a core range of reports for each industry we operate in. We’ve also kept it flexible enough to allow for our subscribers to have tailor made reports produced for them.

What’s a squawk?

A squawk is the noise a magpie makes while it seeks trinkets and other treasures. Our Magpie will squawk twice a day, or as often as you want, delivering you competitor updates, market insights and more. All in a concise, easily digestible email, to as many of your subscribers as needed.

By relying on Magpie’s squawks, you no longer need to spot competitor changes yourself. Instead, you can wait for squawk emails or alerts within the reporting suite to bring these changes to your attention.

Maintaining focus

Our reports focus on what you need to see and use to make a decision right now, and by default, filters out what has not changed, or is not posing any threat to your dominant market position. Why look over thousands of prices if only a few dozen have changed and therefore need action? Our reports are concise, actionable, useful and focused.

Reports bespoke for each industry

We know that every industry has intricacies and certain KPIs and metrics that are uniquely important and relevant to them. Take the mobile industry for example. Our customers who operate in this industry are interested in things like Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC), Upfront Cost, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Effective Monthly Cost (EMC). This is utterly irrelevant to businesses who sell tins of paint or stationery for example.

We’ll build customised reports too

As well as giving our customers relevant reporting solutions out of the box, we also provide a range of custom or bespoke reports, built specifically to their requirements. As part of the Magpie onboarding process, we take note of such requirements, offer suggestions that may enhance those, and then go away and build those. We understand that each business operates in unique ways, so these customised reports can help compliment business processes, not change those.

Unlimited data exports via CSV

Every subscriber gets unlimited data exports which they can keep for life. CSV files are highly compatible with many systems, and can be read and manipulated with ease. Users can import Magpie data into their own systems if they need to, can archive the files for future access, and more. We want our service to empower our customers. We find giving them access to this data is a powerful way of achieving this.

And API access too

Like our data exports above, API access is simply another way of accessing Magpie’s data, but in a more programmatic way. One for the techies! It achieves the same objective: handing over the data which our customers have subscribed to, in a flexible and practical manner. We find some of our customers like to integrate Magpie data into their own ecommerce store, allowing it to adjust prices within a certain tolerance, to keep them constantly competitive. The possibilities are endless!

Magpie SiteShots

SiteShots allow subscribers to go back and look at their competitors website on any given data or time. What was our competitor who had great success last year, doing this time twelve months ago? What were they promoting? We can also collect yours so you have a constantly updated archive showing how your website looked. Our existing Magpie subscribers find our SiteShots feature invaluable.

Reports for OEMs and brand owners too

Magpie is not only employed by retailers. We help OEMs keep an overall view of the market, to see where and how their products are placed. Brand owners use Magpie to ensure their products are being sold at the right price, and that there are no MAP violations. We have a range of reports that can be utilised for OEMs and brand owners.

Other data points we report on

Magpie also reports metrics that indicate brand prominence (see how much attention a particular retailer is getting), stock levels (adapt to market supply), media coverage (where and how are competitors advertising, both on and offline), and more. Nothing is too difficult for Magpie to collect.