Meet MagpieDBX, the world’s best competitor price monitoring tool! An enterprise solution for the most demanding of clients across a diverse range of sectors and markets.

Say hello to Magpie

Magpie is your digital brand experience toolkit. Our automated data collection, monitoring and analysis suite that pulls in thousands of prices and brand data every single day. An enterprise solution for the most demanding of clients, it is a world class solution that is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

A fully managed service

Magpie is more than just a data collection tool. It’s a fully managed analysis suite that is customised precisely to your needs and requirements. No requirement or SLA is too much. As part of our service, we deliver the data you want, when you want it, in the format you need it, and with a degree of precision unseen in any our competitors’ products. Our comprehensive suite of tools are as follows:

No price out of reach

If your competitors’ prices are available online, we can obtain them. No site is out of our reach! We’ll take their price data, overlay it against your own, and compare your market position against theirs. Our reports and tools will help you see where you’re winning, what’s a threat to your position, where you’re falling short, and can also highlight new opportunities in your market. Armed with Magpie, you can outsmart the competition like you’ve never been able to before!

Taking the leg work out of competitor monitoring

Magpie does all the data collection and comparison work for you, leaving you time to formulate your pricing strategy and marketing campaigns. We’re not here to give you a gigantic spreadsheet for the data analysts to work through over the next two weeks. Instead, we deliver insights and information so you are in a position to call the shots, right away! We’re here to give decision makers the information they need immediately, allowing them to focus on the important stuff, without any further processing.

24/7 reporting

All reporting screens, data exports and an API are available to subscribers, 24/7. Our small army of data collection crawlers are constantly crawling and collecting prices on your behalf. Data exports and API access are perhaps some of the most useful and versatile extensions of functionality, allowing you to manipulate, play, store and own the data. All of these ways of accessing the data are available to you 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Price change alerts

Daily proactive price change alerts provide notifications to your various teams on what has changed in the market. Get them as often as you want, with as much detail as you require. No more trawling multiple websites every day, looking for changes on your competitors’ sites. They’ll drop right into your inbox or wherever you want them. Use your new found time to evaluate the results and plan your strategies.

Historical trends

Prices are collected at least daily, so historical prices for each competitor and for each product can be viewed whenever you need. Historical graphs show prices day by day or monthly. Historical prices can be used to see trends in prices or compare against sales for a particular time period, to see what the market was doing at that time.