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Stock and Delivery

Do you sell products via multiple channels? Are they in high demand? Have you ever experienced supply chain issues and wanted a tangible solution?

Well, now you’ve got one!

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Your early warning system

If customers act quickly when they shop, you must do the same when you ship.

That’s why Stock and Delivery from Magpie DBX checks your inventory levels across multiple sites, including availability and delivery times.

You can also compare competitor shipping timelines against your own, to see just how competitive yours really are!

Daily dashboard alerts for stock changes

Get to the important data quickly! Magpie keeps you updated on what your stock levels currently are, as well as notifying you of any drops in inventory.

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Filterable results

Filter stock data by various criteria, including:

  • Brands
  • Resellers
  • Product groups
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Email alerts

Squawk, squawk! Set up custom emails and receive alerts whenever anything important happens.

Behind the scenes, Magpie sorts through all your daily stock data, so you can be confident we’ll update you on any significant developments.

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Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available in the following formats:

  • CSV downloads
  • Historical charts
  • Email alerts
  • 24/7 online dashboards
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  • Designed to help you increase sales
  • Tailored to suit your business needs
  • Full support available
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