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What is Magpie Intelligence?

Many businesses face complex challenges, including navigating fast-evolving market conditions, enhancing customer retention, and making informed strategic decisions. 

Magpie Intelligence addresses these challenges by delivering tailored insights that uncover market trends, consumer behaviours, and competitive dynamics. This will enable your company to anticipate market shifts and optimise its strategic responses, and ultimately, make more sales.

To be used alongside other modules, Magpie Intelligence works in collaboration with our additional tools to help deliver a more well-rounded ecommerce experience.

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Benefits of Magpie Intelligence

Maximise Efficiency and Profitability

With Magpie Intelligence, you can enhance operational efficiency and optimise your positioning with targeted insights, helping improve profitability while reducing waste.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Secure a competitive advantage by leveraging real-time insights into emerging market trends. Act swiftly and confidently when making key decisions for your company.

Foster Strategic Decision-Making

Magpie Intelligence can help you develop a robust, data-driven company culture that supports strategic agility and long-term sustainability. We will empower you to make informed decisions that propel growth.

Your path to greater discoverability

We collect the data

Magpie DBX automates the collection of data across the entire digital shelf. We pride ourselves on our scale, quality, and speed

We give you insight

Between our dashboard, reports, and Insights Team, we will highlight how your brand performance is changing across the key factors to success

You take action

With the right data and insights behind you, you're now in the best position to take appropriate action that will strengthen your market share

You sell more products

Putting it all together, Magpie DBX will help you sell more products online

How Magpie Intelligence will help you

Team-driven data integration

Our experts integrate data across Magpie DBX to give you a comprehensive analytical perspective. 

Whether you’re looking for information on how your brand is performing across the digital shelf or insights into which of your products are struggling (and where), we’ve got you covered!

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Tailored reporting

Say goodbye to all irrelevant details; we only focus on those which help your business grow.

From automated to custom reports, our team works closely with you to address your specific informational needs.

Expert analytics

Leveraging advanced analytical tools and our expert team of analysts, we forecast market trends and consumer needs. This lets you see where best you’re performing as a company – and which areas within your business need work.

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Collaborative stakeholder engagement

Our team ensures that every piece of insight aligns with your strategic goals and enhances operational decisions. 

We work with you to ensure that you’re only given the most impactful information for your business, helping identify key growth areas in which you can take action.

Unlimited access for your whole business

With Magpie DBX, you get unlimited user integrations at no additional cost.

That means you, your team, key stakeholders, and anyone else  in the company can be given the access they need.

And because permissions can be granted on a user by user basis, only relevant parties see what needs to be seen. 

Take a tour of our other modules

Magpie Intelligence is designed to be used alongside the wider Magpie DBX toolkit.

Dive into our other modules and discover what problems they could solve for you:

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Product Prominence

Understand how your products compete, learn where to make meaningful changes, and increase your market presence.

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Brand Prominence

Identify where you appear on third-party websites and receive vital information to help your business maintain a strong sales trajectory.

Search prominence icon

Search Prominence

See how visible your brand is vs your competitors for key on-site search terms, and take appropriate action to claim the top spots. 

Price and promotions tracker

Price and Promotions Tracker

Track and receive pricing alerts from thousands of online products currently listed for sale. This way, you always know where your brand stands compared to the competition!

Stock and delivery icon

Stock and Delivery

Check your inventory levels across multiple sites, including availability and delivery times. You can also compare competitor shipping timelines against your own, to see just how competitive you really are!

Brand experience icon

Brand Experience

Closely audit your PDPs on third-party retailers, ensuring that your brand guidelines are fully adhered to throughout the digital shelf.

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