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Explore advanced analysis of your brand’s online footprint – or simply to what extent it’s visible across the digital shelf.

Turn these insights into actions, get discovered more, make more sales.

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Score and monitor brand visibility

All brands should be monitoring their online visibility. If you can’t be seen, you can’t be bought.

If something bad happens – for instance, a very sharp drop in conversions – you must act fast to fix it.

As part of Magpie DBX, Brand Prominence identifies where you are on third-party websites and provides vital information to help your business maintain a strong sales trajectory.

Daily dashboard alerts

Get to the important data quickly! Magpie keeps you updated on how visible your brand is online, as well as notifying you of any drops in visibility.

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Understand your brand’s position

Monitor how prominent your brand is vs your competitors. Track positioning and share of voice, too.

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Automate time-consuming tasks

Magpie takes away the pain of having to manually track competitor activity across the digital shelf. Instead, it automates these kinds of tasks so you can focus on implementing meaningful actions throughout your business.

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Capture competitor promotions as they appear

Receive alerts whenever competitors launch promotions on partner sites. See how this affects your visibility, too, and if you experience any sales leakage!

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Intelligent algorithms that calculate prominence

Not all promotional slots are equal. A hero banner on the first slide of a carousel will likely be more visible than a smaller banner below the fold.

With this in mind, Magpie’s intelligent analysis takes factors such as size, position, and visibility into account when generating meaningful prominence scores for your brand.

Visual page change comparison

Magpie takes full-page screenshots of your webpages, storing them in historical archives for easy access later.

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Historical trends

Track prominence and competitor changes over time. Integrate this information with traffic and sales data to see how sales are affected.

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Email alerts

Squawk, squawk! Set up custom emails and receive alerts whenever anything important happens.

Behind the scenes, Magpie sorts through all your daily prominence data, so you can be confident we’ll update you on any significant developments.

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Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available in the following formats:

  • CSV downloads
  • Historical charts
  • Email alerts
  • 24/7 online dashboards
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