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Brand Experience

Countless resellers are presenting your brand in a certain way. But how do you know if it’s the right way?

Strengthen your brand, keep your partners in check, improve your market position.

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Monitoring how your brand appears online

Effective monitoring helps prevent any serious branding errors that could put your customers off their purchase.

Brand Experience allows you to closely audit third-party retailers, ensuring that your brand guidelines are fully adhered to throughout the digital shelf.

Content compliance

It costs time, money, and effort to get the right images for your products. The last thing you need is the digital shelf being full of low-res, poor-quality knockoffs that could seriously harm your brand’s credibility.

Using image-matching algorithms, Magpie checks partner visuals against your master files to make sure they’re displaying the correct compliant imagery.

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Competitor advertising

Imagine a customer decides to buy something from you, views your product information, then shops elsewhere!

Magpie checks partner sites for competing ads that could be drawing customers away from your items.

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Search keywords

When shoppers search for keywords on partner sites, you want them to find YOUR products.

If a competitor appears first, then your sales are bound to be affected. That’s why Magpie checks search results based on your defined keyword list and reports back, scoring partners against the minimum top results you expect for each listing.

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Automatic audit reports

Magpie checks partner sites weekly for criteria you set, generating a score for each one based on:

  • Correct media, incl. images and videos
  • Correct titles
  • Search results
  • Competitor ads

You can also compare audits over time to see if partners are improving.

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Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available in the following formats:

  • CSV downloads
  • Historical charts
  • Email alerts
  • 24/7 online dashboards
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