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A better way to monitor your on-site search

Search prominence has always been an important factor when it comes to brands being found for the right keywords. It’s not only about where you appear on search engines – onsite search can be just as important.

Magpie DBX provides you with everything you need to track your product’s positions on partner websites. Be it branded terms or crucial industry keywords, we’ll show you exactly how you’re doing. 

Understand product visibility

Learn how you’re doing at a glance, setting targets for overall search presence and minimum number of results. See if any competitors are showing up on your branded terms, or if sponsored campaigns are pushing all of your results down.

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Magpie DBX - search prominence - partner dashboard

Daily alerts for search changes

Get to the important data quickly! Magpie lets you know where your brand is appearing on search results, as well as updating you if there are any drops in rankings.

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Data, however you need it

Get the data you need in the way that you want it:

  • API integration
  • CSV downloads
  • Email alerts
  • 24/7 online dashboards

We know that everyone wants their data cut in slightly different ways. We will work with you to configure your exports to meet your specific business requirements.

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