Where many retailers use Magpie to compete with rivals, renowned brands who sell their products through various retailers utilise Magpie’s data to retrieve insight on their own products.

One of the largest mobile manufacturers, sought out Magpie to become a critical tool which would ensure the brands pricing strategy is implemented consistently across the market.

With their models available to purchase internationally through high street retailers and e-commerce sites, the risk of overpricing or reducing prices to remain competitive remained a concern for the business. With manually monitoring their product prices across numerous platforms on a regular basis a costly and time consuming process, a more efficient solution was needed.


In order to prevent inconsistency in the pricing of their products, Magpie was sought out to retrieve data on their manufactured products or services.

With the client choosing which retailers and which product prices they wish to monitor, Magpie was tailored to retrieve data based on the clients needs.

Providing the client with regular pricing alerts, from daily ‘squawks’, to historical pricing trends offered them insight into pricing of their products in the market.


As a result of the data retrieved by Magpie, the client has an efficient and effective method to monitor their product pricing.

Receiving price alerts as frequently as they wish, with the flexibility to choose which retailers they monitor has allowed them to concentrate on areas which remain a priority.