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Eyes on everyday

Magpie provides 24/7 reporting to see all of your products and all your competitors’ in one place. filterable and searchable. View price trends over time and receive alerts when prices change.

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For over 10 years Magpie has been gathering, sorting, analysing and reporting valuable data for a range of clients all over the world. We form long-term partnerships by maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that all of our relationships are personal.

Magpie DBX clients include: 1&1, Google, Dixon Carphone, EE, Samsung, O2 and GFK

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Focus your efforts

Fully automate both your market and competitor analysis work. Get summaries and information on what matters most to you. Let Magpie do the legwork so you can spend time on what really matters. Magpie will gather, organise, analyse and report on vast quantities of data, sorting through and showing you what you need to know, in concise, actionable data.

Insights at a Glance

Get summaries and information on what matters most to you. See what your competitors are doing without leaving your reporting and dashboard suite. Receive alert summaries and download raw data. It's up to you!

Historical Pricing

View pricing changes over time to spot trends and predict future pricing movements. Magpie's Historical Data UI enable you to build custom charts to analyse the data in the most relevant way for you and your business. Build charts of multiple products, multiple competitors and multiple retailers over time, then export that data to overlay with sales and traffic insight.

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Unparalleled accuracy

Magpie has been successfully collecting and reporting price data for over ten years and is trusted by some of the biggest names around. Our attention to detail and bespoke approach to the unique differences that make up each market sector, give Magpie a level of accuracy to be proud of.

Email Alerts

Set up custom email notifications to alert you to the things that matter. Let Magpie sort through all of the daily data and pick out the price changes that have the greatest impact on the products you care about. Email alerts give you the peace of mind that behind the scenes Magpie is monitoring market prices, ready to alert you whenever something important happens.

Website Snapshot Archive

Site snapshots are stored in daily archives, meaning you can go back and take a look at what a retailer or competitor site looked like on a given day in time. This additional visual insight helps you build up the full picture to explain what happened previously, and what might happen again in the future.

Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available for you in a range of formats to make it easy for you to use the insight in the most efficient way that suits your business processes.

  • • CSV Data Downloads
  • •  Historical Charts
  • •  Email Alerts
  • •  24/7 Online Dashboards

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We'd love to learn more about your business needs and discuss how Magpie DBX can solve your digital brand experience and market insight challenges.