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Consumer panels: Why are they so important?

Ever sat watching The Apprentice and laughed at the brutally honest feedback people give to the teams’ products?

It’s OK, you’re not alone!

But in all seriousness, consumer research is a valuable tool in your brand’s arsenal. With the right feedback, you can better understand the people you’re marketing to – and learn how to improve your efforts so far. 

Consumer panels are there to help you focus right from the start, but what are they exactly?

In this article, we explore consumer panels in more detail and show how they could help make your brand more appealing to customers on the digital shelf.

Using data to make better eCommerce decisions

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love data and Excel sheets… and normal people. Or rather, people who might not always have the time or enthusiasm needed to delve into deep CSV files of raw data in order to extract what really matters and translate it into actionable information.

Here at stickee, we believe complex data shouldn’t get in the way of decisions, but instead help you make them. The amount of data you’re generating can seem a little overwhelming at first, but harnessing its power could help you make better choices for your business. Let’s take a look at big data and the impact it can have…

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