Availability, Stock and Shipping

Magpie tracks delivery times and messaging, combining with stock levels to see how available your products are from your retailers. Track which retailers are offering the best terms, whats in stock and when it can be delivered.


For over 10 years Magpie has been gathering, sorting, analysing and reporting valuable data for a range of clients all over the world. We form long-term partnerships by maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that all of our relationships are personal.

The Early Warning System

Stay notified when product availability drops on partner sites, either due to stock or changes in shipping times. Monitor competitor products availability and track changes over time.

Daily Dashboard Alerts

Get straight to the important data quickly. Magpie filters out the noise to show you exactly what’s changed, on which sites, and how it affects your visibility. Giving you the actionable insight to react when it matters.

Filterable Reports

Filter availability data by the likes of retailers, brands, product names, stock status, delivery times, colour and more.

Proactive Email Alerts

Get notifications when new product availability and shipping times change. View historical archives of stock availability to combine with sales data for greater insight.

  • • Set rules for your alerts
  • •  Daily alerts for new In-stock/out of stock alerts
  • •  Searchable historical archive
  • •  Track changes in shipping times

Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available for you in a range of formats to make it easy for you to use the insight in the most efficient way that suits your business processes.

  • • CSV Data Downloads
  • •  Historical Charts
  • •  Email Alerts
  • •  24/7 Online Dashboards

Let us show you!

We'd love to learn more about your business needs and discuss how Magpie DBX can solve your digital brand experience and market insight challenges.