Brand Compliance Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on how your partners are displaying your products

Discover exactly how your brand is being presented across the internet. We'll automatically track your partners and resellers and let you know when things go wrong.

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For over 10 years Magpie has been gathering, sorting, analysing and reporting valuable data for a range of clients all over the world. We form long-term partnerships by maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that all of our relationships are personal.

Brand compliance audit summary

Monitoring how your brand is being treated

Magpie’s brand compliance modules reporting provides tools to monitor and report on how your partners are managing your brand. This helps ensure that your brand identity is being consistently represented and that partners are not publishing products and content in a way to undermine your brand proposition.

Image compliance

You spend time and money getting the best possible images of your products. So the last thing you want is the web flooded with low resolution, unofficial, poor quality images that damage the brand perception of your products. Using image matching algorithms, Magpie checks the product images on partner retail sites against your master images, to see if your partners are using the correct, compliant imagery.

Competitor Advertising

Your customer has almost decided on a purchase, is viewing your product details and is then lured away by a competitor advertisement. Not ideal, to say the least. Magpie checks for adverts on your product pages on your partner sites to see if there are any competitor ads that could turn your customers' heads.

Brand compliance keyword searcg

Search keywords

When your customers search for your products on partner websites you want them to find what they are looking for: YOUR products. If competitor products are being shown first in search results this will affect your sales. Magpie checks your partner sites for search results based on your defined keyword list and will report back on what is appearing in all those search positions, scoring the partner for compliance based on the minimum top results you want to see for your products.

Data, however you need it

Magpie data is available for you in a range of formats to make it easy for you to use the insight in the most efficient way that suits your business processes.

  • • CSV Data Downloads
  • • Historical Charts
  • •  Email Alerts
  • •  24/7 Online Dashboards

Auto-generated audit reports

Magpie checks each partner site weekly based on your audit criteria and produces a detailed audit report and score for each partner. This includes checking for correct images and videos, correct titles, search results and looking for competitor ads that can damage sales. Each audit is scored based on criteria YOU set and can be compared over time to see if your partners are improving.

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