Magpie DBX

Digital Brand Experience Monitor

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Gain valuable, actionable insights

Helping commercial pricing, sales and marketing teams

Magpie DBX provides a full automated collection and reporting suite that helps you manage strategy without waiting for reports from analyst teams.

Stop making blind decisions

Get proper at-a-glance information and a market overview without heavy analysis. Magpie DBX removes the time-consuming grunt work, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Competitor analysis

With Magpie DBX, you can see all your products, prices and promotions alongside the competitors, for easy comparison. We'll show you your wins, your losses, opportunities and more.

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Why use Magpie?

Save time and money

Fully automate both your market and competitor analysis work.

Insights at a glance

Get summaries and information on what matters most to you. See what your competitors are doing without leaving your reporting and dashboard suite.

Focus your efforts

Sift through millions of products, prices and promotions in seconds. Focus on just the few changes that threaten your sales volume, position and strategy.

Better informed decisions

Gain insight that helps drive and support your decisions.

The Magpie DBX difference


Always on Insights

Daily updates plus alerts so you can act immediately.


Data you can trust

Automated, multi-layer quality assurances.


See what customers see

Greater control over your brand; see what competitors are doing.


Simple to use, easy to understand

Intuitive dashboards and custom reports.


Established methodology

Fully automated data collection leveraging proven algorithms.


Data, your way

Historical data in the format you need for advanced analysis.

Let us show you!

We'd love to learn more about your business needs and discuss how Magpie DBX can solve your digital brand experience and market insight challenges.