Promotion Tracker

Monitor promotion performance, analyse the impact

Monitor you and your competitors' promotions in one place. Know exactly when new promotions appear, where they appear, how long they run for and what proportion of the website they take over.

For over 10 years Magpie has been gathering, sorting, analysing and reporting valuable data for a range of clients all over the world. We form long-term partnerships by maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that all of our relationships are personal.

Alerting of partner and competitor promotions

Daily alerts for new promotions

Your Alerts Dashboard highlights all promotional slot changes on your partner sites. This shows you when you have gained or lost slots on a page to your competitors. It shows you the new promotion, who it belongs to, its size and position.

Searchable historical archive

All promotions are stored in a searchable archive. This enables you to view partner sites historically and analyse what you and your competitors were doing at a given point in time.

Discover how much real estate your, and your competitor promotions are taking up

Each promotion captured is evaluated for position and size, including where it sits within carousels (if appropriate). This enables you to see exactly how much of the partner pages are taken up with your promotions.

Upgrade to Brand Prominence for more insight

Tracking promotions helps you stay aware of competitor activity and the effect it has on your own sales and marketing efforts. By upgrading to Brand Prominence you get richer insight into how your brand is being displayed on partner sites, including featured products, search positions and editorials. All of which are run through our Prominence Algorithm to generate your visibility score.

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