Can a customised brand portal help your marketing?

As a business owner, effective marketing is key. Whether you’re trading from a brick and mortar store or across the digital shelf, you’ll need to figure out how relevant content can get to your customers quickly and easily.

Still relatively new in the ecommerce and product management industries, customised brand portals are becoming increasingly popular. This is because of their amazing ability to streamline day-to-day operations and marketing activities without detracting from important work!

In this article, we explore what customised brand portals are, why they differ from traditional product databases, and how you can use them to build better relationships with your sales channels and, by extension, your audience.

What are customised brand portals?

A customised brand portal acts as a web-based system for authorised users to access different types of ecommerce content.

Most companies use customised brand portals as a way of keeping their online assets organised, but they’re so much more than that. Branded portals also facilitate the creation of custom branded catalogues, which you can manage as and when you need them.

As one single source of truth for your business, a customised branded portal could be what separates you from your competition – and thus increases your appeal among shoppers.

What does a customised brand portal look like?

Essentially, a customised brand portal can look and feel however you want it to, depending on your business’s needs.

You can use it to display your digital assets more coherently, or go all out and organise your entire brand around the portal’s capabilities. 

Some examples of assets that can be stored on and accessed via customised brand portals include:

  • Product image files (JPEGs, PNGs, etc.)
  • Videos (MP4s, MOVs, etc.)
  • 360 degree views
  • PDFs
  • CAD design files

The possibilities really are endless, though. Think of a customised brand portal as an extension of your existing product information management (PIM) system. 

Secure, self-serve access is yours with the right customised brand portal behind you!

What is the difference between a customised brand portal and PIM?

There are a couple of key differences between customised brand portals and PIM systems.

First, customised brand portals typically house marketing materials such as Brand Guidelines and imagery. And although PIM systems often store various digital assets relating to your brand and its products, these are usually for sales purposes rather than promotion – custom data sheets, technical specifications, things like that.

Second, as a rule, customised brand portals require more rigorous credentials in order to access them. By contrast, a PIM system is normally accessible not just to sales teams within your own company but also to your distributors and resellers.

How can a customised brand portal help you overcome your marketing challenges?

Time-efficient, secure file sharing makes customised brand portals more appealing to large-scale businesses nowadays. But how else can they help you win at the digital shelf?

We’ve put together several reasons why you should consider a customised brand portal for your company:

1) A single source of truth

Branding can change at your company quicker than you realise, and certain discrepancies may arise as to which assets are the right ones.

To help prevent this from happening, a customised brand portal should have all the latest marketing materials fully uploaded and accessible, acting as a single point of truth for anybody looking to clarify how something should actually be presented.

2) More consistent brand compliance

Sometimes, brand compliance can be make or break for businesses on the digital shelf. Too much confusion among customers regarding the transparency of your brand is one sure-fire way to put them off and drive them into your competitors’ arms!

A customised brand portal acts as a gatekeeper to everything relating to your brand compliance. Nothing should go live online without having first been checked off against what’s in the portal, which should always be the most up-to-date resources anyway.

If your company doesn’t have a brand compliance checklist, it should create one – you can put it in the customised brand portal for safekeeping!

3) Help with scalability

As your business grows, things like catalogue management and even opening up new sales channels can get complicated. Managing them afterwards is even harder!

The good news is that a customised brand portal will act as a hub for your marketing teams to drive growth in the areas that need it, without having to worry about or wait around for important information/assets from someplace else.

4) They’re always active

Most customised brand portals are active 24/7, which means materials can be shared seamlessly around the clock.

Got a client who needs something fast for a deadline? Maybe there’s been a hiccup with one of your resellers and they require clarification on certain aspects of the brand? 

Good thing your customised brand portal is there to provide smooth organisation for these types of high-pressure tasks!

5) Fast, customisable content

Acting quickly is an essential part of business nowadays. It’s no use waiting for competitors to swoop in and draw your attention by taking customers away. People need things ASAP, and with a customised brand portal, you can give it to them.

From this single point of access, you’ve got everything related to your brand’s individual channels ready to be tailored to whoever needs it fast. Whether you’re pushing hard on a social media campaign or optimising certain landing pages, a customised brand portal is there to make accessing the right information that much easier.

Using customised brand portals with Magpie DBX

At Magpie, our mission is to help your brand stand out from the crowd on the digital shelf. That’s why we’ve put together an exciting suite of tools to sit alongside your customised brand portal, PIM system, and any other resources you might have – all to help give you the best chance at growing your company!

Want a clearer picture of everything related to your brand? Our Brand compliance and Brand Prominence modules are equipped to not only identify where you’re performing well, so you can leverage this opportunity later, but also where things need to be improved. 

This includes identifying where outdated product information is still showing, buyer habits with various products, data around checkout abandonment rates and much more.

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